A Little Polka Dot Beauty

polkadotgirlOh my gosh I found seriously the cutest little outfit for any little girl. Any little girl is going to love an adorable fun polka dot skirt. Isn’t it the cutest when your little girl loves her outfit and loves to show it off? I love seeing my little girl run around saying “Don’t I look so cute?!” It is hilarious but seriously the cutest thing!

For you shopping moms out there, you can get this outfit anywhere! Khols has a bunch of polka dot skirts, if you are looking to go the cheaper route.. which who isn’t?! Then just pair it with any white top or really whatever you think looks best with their skirt. You can also find kids suspenders at Target or on Amazon.

This look would be so cute for a country themed wedding. It is a little more relaxed than their nice dresses, yet it is still cute and dress enough for a wedding! Or maybe she is just a little fashionista! I love how my little one loves to get dressed up all of the time. You know, you need to stay in their “fashion” lives for as long as you can because that will be gone faster than you want, and what they are going to be wearing is not always going to be something you like. This is called their teen years :o One of the scariest things!

Would you love to see your little girl in this outfit?

Halloween Costume Ideas

Need Halloween costume ideas? I know when I was little having the best Halloween costume was very important! Don’t wait until the last minute because you could end up spending a lot of money or not getting her the best costume! Start looking now and coming up with some ideas! Here are some of my favorite costumes for girls that I have found!

halloween1How fricken cute is this Audrey Hepburn costume?? I think I would die if I saw a little girl in this outfit!  halloween2Do your little girls love Frozen like… everyone else? I don’t know.. I may even want to wear a Frozen costume!  halloween3Grease was probably my favorite movie when I was younger. My favorite part of the movie was when Sandy got a makeover at the end of the movie  halloween4Butterflies are so beautiful and rare! We don’t always see butterflies, so when we do we absolutely love them. This is a great costume for your little girl to be able to help you make!

A Tom-Boy Gift For Her

4wheelerDo you have an outdoorsy girl on your hand? I know so many little girls these days are getting down and dirty, playing in the mud, and really loving the more tom boy things in life. I personally love when girls don’t let their girly side stop them from having a good time! Girls need to get out there and get down and dirty!

If your family is into four wheeling and fun things of that sort, you could think of getting her her own four wheeler! Giving her that freedom and independence can be scary, but it can really be an amazing and fun thing! And not only can you get her a fun four wheeler, but you can keep a little girl in her and find a pink or pink camo one! She will die when she sees this, and know that it is hers!

I love that they have different sizes of four wheelers, and you can actually get a small one meant for kids. That means that it will be so much safer when they are driving it.

If this is something that seems too expensive, you could mention this to your little girl. You both could start a piggy bank that will go just toward getting her her own wheeler! She will want to save every penny she has for this.

Personalized Baby Gifts

monogram baby setBaby showers are such a fun time. Celebrating the coming of a new beautiful life is the best time for a party. I love buying baby gifts. It is so different than buying for someone older. You can have so much fun with it! If you are buying for a baby girl, picking out clothes can be one of the funnest things. I know I love finding cute baby clothes. At the same time you can expect that so many people are going to be getting clothes, that are probably somewhat similar.

To stand out, and really do something special for mommy and baby, personalize some of the clothes that you pick out for her. Having personalized baby clothes is something that mommy will love. It is an outfit that she can wear in photo shoots and will probably be kept for many years.

I love love this little set. I love most that this isn’t a regular onesie but rather it is like a dress. It allows the baby to be a little more free, and it is just so cute.

Mom’s would you like this as a baby gift for your little baby?

Tween Girl Outfits Done Right For School

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.33.19 PMI don’t have to tell you that school is right around the corner. If you haven’t done the back to school clothes shopping and are totally freaking out about it, don’t! Naartjie Kids just came out with a new fall collection for babies up to tweens. I have definitely bought all of the new tween girl outfits because I couldn’t decide on just one!

My little girl can be pretty picky when it comes to her clothes sometimes, so going shopping for her is usually a hit or miss. When I got home with all the new clothes I had gotten her I needed to see if I had the approval for the outfits and will be the cool mom… for the time being anyway. By golly I had done it!  I had finally hit the nail on the head with the clothes that my daughter liked! She was excited about the clothes, and I was excited she had like them all! Being the cool mom I am now, I held my composure and totally played it cool. From now on, I will know where to find the right clothes to put that smile on my daughter’s face!

This was my favorite outfit I had found! How cute are these floral jeans!? I want a pair myself!